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If you are like most accomplished executives between $300k and $1M, you've always been recruited. You probably didn't build your career through job hunting techniques.

The 2008 economic crisis devastated the recruiting industry. Jackson Stevens led the first and only research of its kind to document hiring practices in the new economy and its affects on placement. We investigated every stage of the C-Suite placement continuum (with candidates earning between ~$200K and $2M), focused on 5 stages: Approach, Resume, Interview, Negotiation, and Placement.

We discovered and Trademarked "The 7 Dimensions of Executive Placement, a roadmap to increasing placement rates." This 7 Dimensional framework ranks and prioritizes information about candidates (during resume presentation through to offer stage) by each element's unique contribution to placement.

We have tested the dimensions for 10 years, working side by side with our executive search partners. We applied them to the resume, interview, and negotiations processes. The dimensions increased placement success rates, velocity, salary, and position levels, while abating age, background, and education discrimination.

Until 2013, these marketability enhancing services were only available through referral from an established executive search firm. Since 2013, we have made them available to highly accomplished executives who have proven successes in the C-Suite.

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See the 7 questions that dictate placement.

7 Dimensional Services Offered

We investigated hundreds of "job search assistance" firms. Most offered services and made the claim their services "would lead to placement" so we asked for proof. None would provide references or any other substantiation of their claims and none were based upon actual research. We created, tested, and validated these services through actual results collected and validated by clients over the last decade.


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What is So Hard?

The C-Suite candidate must prove ability to achieve at the strategic and tactical levels in multiple situations.

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The most dangerous game a Senior Executive can play Hover Cursor Here

LinkedIn Danger?

LinkedIn was designed to tell your whole network what you are up to. Learn how not to get caught.

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Interview Preparation

Successful Executives achieve through performance, not interviewing skills. Hover Cursor Here

C-Suite Interviewing

How much practice have you had? Learn the top 200 Interview questions asked at $200 to $2M.

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Search Firm Connections

With nearly 1 million recruiters in America, which should you approach?

Search Firm Targeting

Fewer than 4,000 have ever placed a C-Suite candidate above $200k. We know who they are.

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"JSR are absolute artists in executive job search coaching. I consider them 'performance marketers' extraordinaire."Dr. Michael Ackermann, Senior Vice President, Eli Lily

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