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We documented every question asked during senior executive placement from resume presentation to offer.

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Guy Cassidy, President & CEO Acme Industries

I was enormously pleased with the level and number of conversations I received. The resume provided me with enough opportunities to take my time and select the right opportunity.

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    The Most Dangerous Game a Senior Executive can play

    LinkedIn Danger?

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    Successful Executives achieve through performance, not interviewing.

    C-Suite Interviews?

    How much practice have you had? Learn the top 200 Interview questions asked at $200 to $2M.

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    Search Firm Connections

    With nearly 1 Million Recruiters in America, which should you approach?

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    Fewer than 4,000 have ever placed a senior executive. Is your resume on file with every search one of them?

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    Resume Service Testimonials from LinkedIn

    Shaun Jacob, President, Timberlands Healthcare

    After doing fairly exhaustive research and talking to multiple firms wanting to “help me” get myself back out on the job market, I chose Jackson Stevens. I found that most other firms focused on how the resume looked, not its strategy and as a President, running a business, I am always focused on strategy.

    William Yaeger, President Elekta, Inc.

    I worked closely with JSR for and they did an excellent job of digging out relevant experiences and identifying key accomplishments that I skipped over on my own. The results have been very positive. I would recommend these services for any senior level executive looking for new opportunities.