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9 out of 10 senior executives say their outplacement service was a “waste of time & money”

Traditional outplacement only prepares executives to find their own job. There is no candidate marketing.

Traditional outplacement has three major issues.

They teach and promote networking. Senior executives are near or at the top of their networks. How many people within a senior executive’s network could possibly hire them?

They promote job search on LinkedIn and other public job sites like Indeed and Monster. Public websites rarely feature CEO- or President-level positions.

They often hire mid-level, temporary, or contract employees to deliver these services. Most CEOs and Presidents would never consider being taught to negotiate their six- or seven-figure salary by a mid-level manager.

For the outplaced executive this results in frustration, which is why most don’t complete the service. Their employer’s money is wasted, as is the intended good will.

The Truth
The truth is, employers who offer this benefit are genuinely concerned about their ex-employee’s welfare. However, according to surveys the executives often report dissatisfaction with the service, attend a few meetings, and then move on. Traditional outplacement firms call this the take rate: only ~60% of all outplaced employees will actually continue beyond resume development, which is completed in the first few meetings. At the executive level, the take rate is closer to 10%. This is extremely profitable for traditional outplacement firms, but defeats the purpose for which the service was purchased.

Traditional Outplacement is a Mismatch
It was designed to serve a large number of employees at a time of downsizing; it was never designed for top level executives. The techniques used have to work for the majority of employees, and thus are insufficient when applied to the executive-level. The larger traditional firms have repeatedly tried and failed to build a practice for the senior executive. Conversely, our programs are designed exclusively for the senior executive.

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About Jackson Stevens

We are a contemporary, innovative boutique Executive Transition Firm (ETF) designed exclusively for the senior executive. Our Transition Programs are the most widely recommended and endorsed in the industry, rated 4-stars by the candidate. To review our successes, see our Managing Director’s LinkedIn Profile where hundreds of C-Suite level public recommendations can be found. How do we get this level of recommendation?

We actually market the candidate.

Our System
We know that senior executives must expand their networks exponentially with people who can introduce them to a new potential employer. We connect them with the top, industry-relevant retained executive search firm consultants. Thousands of people working in all of the top firms, which  routinely place senior executives in roles with compensation levels between $250k and $2M (about 1% of all searches), and are rarely advertised.

All elements of our strategy are scientifically researched and validated.

The Jackson Stevens Executive Marketing Service
We still provide written and verbal presentations for your candidate, but they are delivered by senior, executive-level staff.

To see a small example of our contemporary, scientific executive transition service, watch this 3 minute video:

Once the candidate is prepared, we deploy our exclusive marketing strategy:

1. We build them a highly targeted list of the appropriate search professionals who specialize in their selected industries and disciplines.

2. We upload their resume and credentials into every major retained executive search firm database.

3. We provide them a list with hundreds of open, unadvertised VP to Board-level jobs.

4. We facilitate a personal introduction to every Practice Leader, Consultant, Partner, Director, and Manager working in the top firms.

5. We facilitate a personal introduction to the top 4,500 Private Equity Firm Principals who have portfolios of companies in need of CEO, President, or “Executive In Residence” roles.

6. We facilitate a personal introduction to hundreds of organizations that need Board Members.

7. We don’t limit our service to the typical few weeks or months, we work until your EIT is placed. 

8. We perform Search Engine Optimization on their LinkedIn Profile, which triples the number of search firms that find them.

Our Service Practice Leaders: Permanent employees who have more than 20 years in retained executive search, have managed large search practices, and have more than 10 years in our marketing-focused version of outplacement, which is unmatched in the industry for customer recognition and satisfaction. You can review hundreds of them.

1.We have a 100% take rate – your executive will be excited about their future.

2.We shorten severance periods.

3.We are budget friendly – we will fit any budget.

4.We prevent costly and time-consuming litigation.

5.We work to restore and elevate goodwill between outgoing senior executives and former employer.

Seth Bardu, Chief Financial Officer, United Negro College Fund

I was provided outplacement from my employer. I was aware outplacement left much to be desired. JSR was carefully vetted. They provided a detailed comprehensive process that included my introduction to the top search firms. Within a few months, this resulted in interviews with multiple organizations. I was busy every week with interviews. I ultimately accepted my role at UNCF. JSR was clearly the right choice.

Brent Furse, President & Chief Executive Officer, GeNo

Working with Jackson Stevens was worth every bit of the investment in time and financial resources.

David Neuman, Chief Executive Officer, GAEA Products

My company was sold. I was CEO, over 50 and highly-compensated, making Job change very stressful but JSR made my transition fast and painless.

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Other Testimonials

Dennis Gilman, Chief Financial Officer, Brownie Brittle

We sold our company and I was on the market. Traditional services just didn’t get the job done. We hired JSR. I was able to obtain a position that was near my home and did not have to move. It was fast and efficient to work with JSR.

Shaun Jacob, President, CHC Wellbeing

We conducted exhaustive research and found that most firms focused on the same elements, resume, interview, and networking, not marketing. We chose JSR and couldn’t have been more pleased with the final result. They have the same services as others but also connect the candidate to top executive search firms, which shortened transitions.

Kevin Hornish, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, QBE North America (12,500 employees)

“Most accomplished executives don’t build their careers by honing their resume writing, interview, and job seeking skills, they do it by delivering results. Engage JSR. They are absolute experts at crystallizing achievements with incredible detail from the 7 dimensions.”

Paul Rector, Vice President & General Manager, Lenovo

“In 4 months of working with JSR I have exactly what I was looking for. It’s an exciting, transformative job.”

Bill Yaeger, President, Elekta

I worked closely with JSR for a couple of months and they got my resume in front of hundreds of executive recruiters in various disciplines. The results have been very positive. I would recommend JSR’s services for any senior level executive outplacement.

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