Executive Candidate Sourcing

Spend More Time Getting New Business, Not Sourcing Candidates

We offer 3% contingent sourcing.
Jackson Stevens maintains a database of C-Suite & Executive candidates.

We identify executive candidates for your firm and get out of your way. We stay behind the scenes and serve as a confidential source. We don't compete with your firm.

Increase your placement rates.
We led the industry's first-ever research into the placement process continuum.

We identified and documented the primary elements that drive increased placements.

If you work with us, we guarantee to increase your firm's income.

No start-up fees or monthly subscriptions.

Patrick B. Ropella, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Ropella Group

We have partnered with Jackson-Stevens for several years and our candidates from midlevel management to C-suite positions have been impressed with the end results and have written us letters thanking us. I highly recommend any firm to move forward and partner with Jackson Stevens.

Other Services that Increase Placement Rate & Speed


Job Description Deconstruction

Know What Your Client Will Ask Candidates Before The Interview.
We will deconstruct the job description and build a list of every question candidates you present will be asked during interviews. Upon request, we will also prepare your best candidate for every question, ensuring your commission.


Behavioral & Emotional Intelligence Interview Preparation

Know What the Candidate will Say before the Interview.
Ever lost a placement because the candidate made an irreversible mistake in an interview? We can make certain it never happens again. Better responses get better offers.

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7 Dimensional Resumes

This resume proves the candidates ability, enabling you to present the candidate's performance against every section of the job description.
Your clients have never seen a resume like this.

The 7 Dimensional Resume >

Anjela Mangrum, President, MCS | Manufacturing Search Firm

JSR has been a fantastic resource for us to recommend our executive level candidates to for assistance with their resumes or LinkedIn profiles. The package and style by Jackson Stevens is second to none.

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    Sean Garvey, President/Managing Partner, Global Recruiters of Frankfort

    I've now had the pleasure of working with JSR for 9 years and they have provided significant value to my organization. They have the best resume and interview services I've come across in the industry. One of the biggest challenges we face as recruiters is being able to have our top candidates accomplishment/ benefits presented in a manner that is a true representation of who they are in both written (resume) and oral (interview) form. I know when I send top talent to JSR they will receive a well defined process that results in differentiation in the market place and gives them the edge during the interview process.

    Jeff Sandbothe, Chief Executive Recruiter, GRN of Lake St. Louis

    I have had the pleasure of working with Dean on several executive searches, and he has done an impeccable job. The JSR 7 Dimensions have been instrumental in allowing my executive candidates to fully understand and communicate the value they have delivered throughout their careers. By having a resume that speaks to the Client's needs, I have a candidate that outshines the competition, allowing the discussion to move to matters of substance, and away from a "resume review." Dean's resume & candidate preparation, vast network of executives across industries, and executive search experience combine to create a significant value-add to the services I provide my Clients and Candidates. The proof is in the profit.

    Denis Bilodeau, Managing Partner, GRN Bridgewater | Healthcare

    I wish I would have had the good fortune of meeting JSR about 10 years ago. The clarity and succinctness of the Jackson Stevens 7 dimensions and how it conveys the quality and talent of candidates I submit to employers is unmatched. Employers find out up-front, before even meeting the candidate, that he / she can do the job and how well. That means more interviews, more placements, and more revenue. It's refreshing to finally have met someone who writes resumes and presentations who is also an expert on executive search. If you are an executive or leadership candidate reading this and need a referral, please contact me. I will be happy to connect you.

    Jackie Bandish, The Bandish Group | Pharmaceutical Staffing

    At The Bandish Group we refer our candidates to JSR for services, which include resume critique and resume writing and/or rewriting to portray and/or highlight the candidate’s professional skill sets and attributes. JSR is very diligent and very professional in their approach. Their final product is stellar. We have had numerous candidates have great success with JSR’s final resume version for them. We at The Bandish Group highly recommend their services.

    Jim Cimino, President, Executive Search Limited

    Jackson Stevens is responsive, insightful and timely. On various projects, they have been instrumental in completing projects. They have been quite helpful with our candidates in developing resumes, and preparing them for interviews.

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